Teen Wolf AU, Derek/Allison

Allison is a mermaid. Trained by the fierce warrior mermaids who came before her, Allison lives by the code: “We protect the sea from the men above.” She lives and breathes the code and uses her voice to call sailors out to the sea. And ultimately to their deaths.

One day, Allison happens upon a pirate ship. She sets out to work and calls out to the men on board. The ship’s captain, however, is prepared for a mermaid encounter. Derek, the pirate captain, has had numerous run-ins with merfolk before. He knows how to make it out alive.

He immediately puts cloth in his ears to muffle the alluring song and rushes down to keep his men from jumping overboard.

Derek may have been prepared to come up against a mermaid, but he wasn’t ready to go head to head with a crew full of lust-crazed pirates. Derek is thrown over the side of the ship into the ocean where he lands just a few feet away from the aforementioned mermaid.

Knowing any attempt to swim away from a mermaid would be futile, Derek merely tread water as he awaits his imminent death. When the mermaid approaches him, however, he is not greeted with a bloody and violent attack, but with a radiant smile.

"Well, that was silly of you," Allison says. "Falling into the ocean right next to a mermaid." The mermaid laughs and dips back down into the water. Derek looks around unsure of what would happen next. He sees a golden tail splash up out of the water. Allison surfaces shortly thereafter.

Despite all of her training that tells her that men are not to be trusted and should be eradicated no matter the cost, Allison feels that this strange man isn’t so bad. She thinks she might like him.

"Let’s get you back on the ship," she says. She can smell the fear wafted from his body even though she has decided to help him. Allison helps Derek wade closer to the ship where he grabs hold of a rope that will carry him up to the deck. He climbs up and throws himself over the side of the boat. Allison laughs softly when she hears his muttered curses.

Allison visits the ship almost every day after that. Sometimes she’ll talk to Derek (usually teasing him or joking - anything to try and get rid of that permanent grimace on his face) and other times she’ll just watch as he captains his ship and orders his men around.

Slowly, she falls in love with him. And even though he wouldn’t admit, he falls in love with her, too. However, it is difficult for both of them to overcome the obvious obstacle in their relationship: she has a tail and he has legs.

They carry on their difficult relationship as long as they can. Allison decides to leave and try and find someone to help them. Someone who could give her legs.

Derek misses Allison dearly in her absence.

Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. And Allison still hasn’t returned. Derek worries and lashes out at his crew.

Eventually Derek decides the crew should dock so that they can go on land and acquire provisions. When he gets off the ship, what he sees shocks him. Allison stands on the beach, wearing that same smile, but legs instead of a tail. They embrace (and live happily ever after).

Thanks so much to rashaka for coming up with the code!

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