hi, i'm harper. 19. student. sometimes i make things or write things, but usually i just reblog pretty things i like.

right now i'm pretty much a teen wolf blog. except on sunday nights i become a shameless blog. and then also there's superwholock and a bit of fashion and lots of film.

i tend to change my icon a lot but my url will probably always be nighttimemachinery. in case you were wondering, i was machineryofnight on youtube.

also, "machinery of night" comes from a poem by allen ginsberg (HOWL) and it's one of my favorites.

i use cs6 now (yayyyyy) and i'm always taking requests. feel free to drop by my askbox whenever! :)

From the genius who hacked my tumblr earlier tonight…

  1. spockquaman said: IT GOT BETTER al;shashdg hahahahaha
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