who am i

hi i'm harper. i am 20 years old (as of august 6th). i'm from california. i'm a college student - i have one year left and then maybe another year to get my teaching credentials. i'm majoring in film & digital media and hoping to write my thesis on movie musicals. my school doesn't have a very comprehensive television studies program, but i've enjoyed the classes i have been able to take on the subject. and i don't know if you can tell from my blog, but i watch quite a bit of television.
yukimura appreciation
what's that, you say? you wish there was a blog expressly dedicated to ken, kira and noshiko yukimura? you want to see more of them on your dash? you wish you knew where to find yukimura-related fan content? well, do i have the blog for you!

i run a sideblog called yukimuraappreciation that you can find here.

also! i'm always accepting submissions or requests related to the yukimuras! and if you want me to see something or reblog it over there, you can tag your post with 'yukimuraappreciation' and i'll check it out! :)
cool people
okay so sarah is a constant inspiration to me, nell is so smart and interesting and lovely, nicole and lex are my blossom and bubbles to my buttercup, rogue and lydia are really fab ladies that i don't talk to as much as i would like, allison is an amazing writer and human being, boxy and plucky are total babes with some of my fave multifandom blogs, also kelsey is super sweet, and idk everyone on my blogroll is amazing go check it out!
shows i'm caught up on
american horror story
bob's burgers
brooklyn nine nine
doctor who
faking it
in the flesh
orphan black
sherlock (bbc)
teen wolf
the it crowd

they’re driving us into the ground, to see if anything walks away

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Anonymous said:
Hi I'm sorry to bother over something so small (pun intended). But I'm really struggling to read your 'about mes' and shit on the LHS. It's just so ridiculously tiny. Would another .5 pt or so on the font size hurt? (Pretty please. I hate having to use the zoom to read pages).

I’m sorry I’d love to help, but what is an LHS? I’m bad at internet lingo. And could you direct me to a specific example of a spot where my font is too small?

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Noshiko Yukimura Appreciation Week

day two » favourite relationship
noshiko and ken

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Utopia meme :  1/4 dynamics : { Alice & Grant }

You strike me more as a Spider-Man type.

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Requested: Lydia Martin + Blue and Pink
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  • Derek and Braeden: *cuddle*
  • Me: aww omg i love it when they do couple things
  • Derek and Braeden: *bring out guns*
  • Me: aww omg i love it when they do couple things
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